FLESH TO PLAY (2016) Review

A man wails in borderline exuberance to his absent wife whom he blames for his horrible fate of keeping his deformed daughter captive in a dungeon along with other girls and potential suitors. A vertically-challenged gent helps out, potentially pro bono, although we never do get a look at his paycheck. The deformed daughter’s captive suitor does not get the chance to post about how he happy he is to be with her on social media. In the idyllic ending, the vertically-challenged gent and the deformed daughter walk off into the sunlight together, traumatized but with enough pent-up boredom to maybe make a life together, or at least until the next block.

Today is May 26th, 2020, and FLESH TO PLAY was currently streaming, but seems not to be at the moment.

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