ORGAN (1996) Review

“I wanted to describe the agony of a wounded soul of someone decaying from the inside.” 

-Kei Fujiwara (director of ORGAN (1996))

Beware the vegetable people. In a film which never quite congeals into a compelling narrative, an eerie woman with an eyepatch is kidnapping undercover police officers and teachers for their organs, leaving behind a living vegetable residue, rising from the stomach in wormlike formations. Or something. Amidst all this, schoolgirls are abducted and brutalized. It’s all very hallucinatory and fragmented, containing a memorable image of human emerging from a giant chrysalis, wet, frothy, sticky, and barely even wriggling on a human wavelength anymore.

Today is May 20th, 2020, and Organ is currently streaming on…uh, hmmm, the site seems to have disappeared.

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