THE HUNT (2020) Review

Since Richard Connell first published “The Most Dangerous Game” in a 1924 issue of Colliers, audiences have been seduced by varied scenarios of the human hunt. The Hunt might be the most overtly political of the bunch, with more classist jokes and redneck insults than you can shake a grenade, arrow, mullet, or food-processor blade at. Demarcations are devilishly etched in the sand early on, the moment a confused blonde’s head explodes. But the dramatic irony is so heavy-handed that we are less surprised by the familiar scenario than we are by the suddenness of the killings.

In the most cathartic scene (and, c’mon, is there anybody who isn’t a wealthy serial killer herself not rooting for the underdogs here?), “Snowflake” saunters away from a fake mom and pop’s grocery store, in a fake state, from formerly fake (but now deceased) one-percenters slumming it as grocers, to the blaring distorted guitars and wild sweetness of “Fairy Tale in the Supermarket” by The Raincoats.

Today is May 8th, 2020, and The Hunt is currently streaming on various VOD services.

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