The film Blood Sucking Freaks opens with a bald man chewing a shrunken stogie, delicately steering a sketchy van through a grim, indifferent nightscape. Eventually we are forced to migrate to a sinister, Grand Guignol-type theatrical performance wherein people are obviously being tortured even though audience members scoff at their ineptitude. 

Backstage, we meet Zardu (the diabolical, eccentric host of the show) and Ralphus (a vertically-challenged gent in a yellow turtleneck and jean overalls with an afro)—a duo hellbent on torturous activities both on- and off-stage.

When a classy dancer is kidnapped by Zarduz, a corrupt police officer resembling a shrunken David Berkowitz begins to investigate the disreputable theater vigilante-style; however, he does not manage to save one poor dancer from the guillotine, whose poorly-assembled decapitated prosthetic head shares neither the hair-color nor the complexion of the original.   

Today is May 5th, 2020, and Blood Sucking Freaks is currently streaming on Mubi.

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